"The VFW National Home assists military, veterans, and their families with children, by creating a foundation of services and resources to achieve their personal and family goals in order to move forward in a positive, safe and healthy environment.”

About Us

Born from the belief that America needs to care for the children and families of men and women who sacrificed for our country, the VFW National Home is a place of healing, support and refuge.

It was founded in 1925 as a place where the families left behind by war could remain together, keeping the family circle intact even when their servicemember didn’t come home.

Today’s families face different challenges — reintegration, post-traumatic stress, high unemployment and rehabilitation from battlefield injuries, among others — and the National Home has evolved over our decades-long history to meet those changing needs.


Get Involved
There are two ways to donate: monetary or volunteering

Monetary donations (either personnel or through relief funds) may be made directly to the Department of Arizona Veterans of Foreign Wars. Only donations sent through the Department of Arizona will be credited towards your Posts, County Councils and Districts. If your donations are sent directly to the National Home, you will not receive credit for the donation.  

*** To meet the requirements of the All-State program a Post must donate $1.00 per member or $100.00, whichever is less, to National Home.  Donation must go through Department. 

If you would like to volunteer (group or individuals) should be set up by contacting the National Home directly at 1-800-424-8360.   


Become a Life Member 

Being a life member of the VFW National Home for Children is one way to invest in the mission of providing housing for our veterans and families who are in need. Life membership will grant you a vote for trustees representing their National Home District and proposed Bylaw or Articles of Incorporation Changes. 

VFW National Home for Children Life Membership Application

Contact Us:
James Hubbard, Director
Cell: 248-496-1213   Home: 248-693-6759